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Workplace accident: Construction worker struck by excavator

Construction sites in Missouri and other states pose numerous hazards, some of which may cause catastrophic injuries. Construction company owners must provide safe work environments. In order to prevent a workplace accident, employees must receive adequate safety training to prepare them for potentially life-threatening situations and how to avoid them.

Workers who move about areas where construction equipment — such as excavators — are present must be trained how to navigate the work areas without putting their lives at risk. A 22-year-old worker in another state recently suffered considerable injuries on a construction site. It was reported that the worker walked up to an excavator from the rear while it was in operation.

Workers must be trained to avoid such actions, as they put themselves in a position where a machine operator cannot see them. The worker fell due to unknown circumstances, and the heavy excavator rolled over his legs. Understandably, he suffered serious injuries to his legs, and he was rushed to a local hospital. It was reported that the man was conscious at the time he was transported from the scene.

The severity of the worker’s injuries is unknown, but they could well be life-altering. Just like in other states, any worker in Missouri who is the victim of a workplace accident is entitled to pursue claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Along with compensation for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages, additional compensation may be awarded in any case in which temporary or permanent disability is caused. Many workers seek the assistance of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to pursue fair compensation for them.

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