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Fall from forklift fork claims life of construction worker

A significant percentage of workplace deaths nationwide, including in Missouri, are linked to motorized vehicles on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes safety regulations that are specific to such vehicles. The regulations cover the operation of the vehicles and the hazards related to the safety of loads transported on them. The name of a construction worker who lost his life in another state was recently added to the list of fatalities in the construction industry.

According to an OSHA investigator, the man’s death followed his fall from a forklift. An initial report indicates that the worker was in a three-sided container that was likely not adequately secured on the fork of the machine. The fork was reportedly raised about 11 feet off the ground when the man fell out of the box.

After the worker hit the ground, the box also tumbled off the fork and struck the head of the injured worker. Emergency workers rushed the 29-year-old to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival. OSHA is reportedly investigating the owner of the construction company and the contractor to determine whether all the required protocols to ensure worker safety were followed.

When a Missouri construction worker loses his or her life in a workplace accident, the emotional and financial consequences for the surviving family members can be enormous. Fortunately, there is help available to assist with the financial needs of the dependents. Death benefits claims may be pursued through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Typically, a financial award is based on the deceased worker’s wage last level and included compensation for end-of-life expenses, including funeral and burial costs.

Source: carthagepress.com, “Worker killed in Carthage Saturday”, John Hacker, Nov. 25, 2015