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Fall causes tree trimmer’s ankle fracture and shoulder injuries

Working at heights pose significant dangers to workers in Missouri — especially if they are not provided with adequate personal protective equipment and proper safety training. A fall from any height can cause severe injuries and, in some cases, even death. A Columbia landscaping company owner was recently cited for three safety violations related to an incident in which a tree trimmer was injured.

It appears the employer failed to report the incident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration because the agency reportedly only responded when a news service contacted the Missouri Department of Labor. It was reported that the mother of the injured worker contacted the news service to get some answers after the incident in September. An investigation by OSHA was subsequently launched.

The worker reports that he had to trim a tree without being provided a safety harness or any other personal protective equipment to prevent a fall. Furthermore, he asserts that he received no training or equipment to safely scale a tree. The mother contends her son suffered serious shoulder injuries along with a fractured ankle when he fell from the tree. The news service reportedly received information from OSHA with regard to the citations and proposed fine related to the three serious safety violations.

Regardless of any action taken — or not taken — against a Missouri employer who violates safety regulations, workers have certain rights. One of those is the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits claims after suffering a workplace injury in a fall or any other on-the-job accident. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys are available to assist in the navigation of such claims to pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Source: abc17news.com, “OSHA issues three citations to Mid-Missouri landscaping company”, Sara Maslar-Donar, Dec. 18, 2015