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Fatal fall injuries lead to federal suit against Missouri company

Missouri workers who are employed in the construction industry will always be vulnerable. Regardless of whether a company is involved in brick and mortar construction or the erection of steel structures, workers will be exposed to a multitude of potential life-threatening injuries. One of the most common risks is fall hazards, and strict federal safety laws govern company owners.

After alleged disregard of safety regulations, a Missouri company is facing federal charges related to the death of one of its workers. Court documents state that a 22-year-old iron worker lost his life when he fell from a steel structure that formed part of the construction of a distribution warehouse in Kansas City. The height from which the worker fell was reported to be 30 feet.

Under federal law, company owners who are involved in the erection of steel constructions must provide fall protection for employees working at heights. Edges of work areas that are 15 feet or higher must have safety guards, and workers must be provided with fall protection. Court documents allege that the worker who died in this accident was not protected from fall hazards in any manner.

Although workers at this Missouri company may benefit from the federal action in the long run, the dependents of the man who suffered fatal injuries in this construction accident were not spared the grief caused by the employer’s disregard of safety regulations. Fortunately, financial assistance is available through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Death benefits may be pursued for compensation of end-of-life expenses and a portion of lost income.

Source: kmbc.com, “Missouri company charged with OSHA violation in Raymore man’s death“, Nov. 10, 2015