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November 2015 Archives

Fatal fall injuries lead to federal suit against Missouri company

Missouri workers who are employed in the construction industry will always be vulnerable. Regardless of whether a company is involved in brick and mortar construction or the erection of steel structures, workers will be exposed to a multitude of potential life-threatening injuries. One of the most common risks is fall hazards, and strict federal safety laws govern company owners.

Unsafe working environment: Trash truck allegedly kills flagman

Construction zones on busy Missouri highways are hazardous areas for workers and motorists alike. Drivers have to navigate through a variety of warning signs and lane changes in a manner that will not endanger the workers who maintain, repair and build the roadways. Drivers who fail to keep a lookout for modified speed limits, reduced numbers of traffic lanes and detours may cause injuries to workers present in an unsafe working environment.

Workplace safety is vital in the warehousing industry

While much attention is paid to the health and safety of workers in the industrial and construction industries, the protection of workers in distribution centers and warehouses must not be disregarded. It was reported that certain activities, such as manual lifting, handling and storage of materials, and operating forklifts, and certain areas, including conveyors and docks, are typically neglected in warehouses. Many Missouri families have had to cope with the consequences of accidents that resulted from inadequate workplace safety programs.

OSHA cites 2 companies for asbestos-related illness exposure

Whenever construction workers in Missouri and other states are working on projects that involve renovating or demolishing older buildings, they might be in danger of being exposed to asbestos. Such exposure can cause an asbestos-related illness because asbestos particles are inhaled by an exposed worker. In most cases, the result is severe fibrosis, and workers may also face the risk of developing mesothelioma, which is cancer of the pleura.

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