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Forklift accident: Operator backs up over unnoticed worker

Forklifts are known to be involved in a significant number of construction accidents in Missouri and also in other states. According to federal workplace safety regulations, employers must ensure that only qualified employees operate forklifts on construction sites. Furthermore, workers moving about at ground level in areas where heavy equipment is present must receive adequate training to prepare them for the hazards posed by the machines. A forklift accident recently caused critical injuries to a worker on a construction site in another state.

The accident is still under investigation, but police reported the incident happened at approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Monday morning. The accident report indicates that a 34-year-old forklift operator was backing up the machine on a site at which the construction of a housing project is underway. The driver apparently failed to take note of other workers in the area, and he backed over a 24-year-old co-worker.

Emergency workers reported that the worker was conscious but in critical condition when he was airlifted to a hospital. A hospital report on the following afternoon stated that the worker’s condition remained critical but stable. This may be one of many workplace accidents that might have been avoided if safety regulations were followed.

After suffering injuries in a forklift accident, the severity of the injuries may impact the victim’s ability to return to work soon — if at all. Fortunately, the Missouri workers’ compensation insurance system provide covered workers with financial benefits to settle medical bills and cope with day-to-day living expenses while they are recuperating. Severe injuries that caused temporary or permanent disability might be best discussed with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can protect the victim’s rights and can help obtain the maximum amount of financial aid allowed under workers’ compensation laws.

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