On Your Side After An Injury

Who will protect your interests in workers’ compensation claims?

Company owners in Missouri are obligated by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have five or more employees. Contractors have to carry insurance even if they have only one worker. Under state laws, employees include not only full-time workers but also those who are in part-time, seasonal or temporary positions. When a worker is injured on the job in a workplace accident, it may not be the best option to ask the employer questions related to the workers’ compensation benefits that may be paid or whether the particular injuries are covered by the insurance fund.

Most employers act in their own interest, and claims for workplace injuries may not be seen as their best interests. In order to obtain all the benefits to which a worker is entitled, it may be wise to consult with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys like those at Kelly Law Office, P.C. We have over 40 years of experience in protecting the rights of injured workers. Our legal team will assess the circumstances of the injuries and assess the viability of a workers’ compensation claim.

The basic requirements of an eligible workers’ compensation claim include insurance coverage by the employer, confirmed employment by the company, and an injury or illness that is work-related. Not all injuries result from a single incident, and chronic pain caused by repetitive stress injuries are also compensable. Examples of these include work-related injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects the hands, fingers and wrists, and epicondylitis, which affects the elbows. Proving this type of injury is work-related may present problems and may need the skills and knowledge of our experienced legal team.

When a workplace accident is caused by a third party that is not directly covered by the employer’s insurance, the worker may have a viable third-party claim. This can be filed in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. A third-party claim can arise from a vehicle accident while driving a company vehicle, defective equipment, safety violations by subcontractors, and unsafe premises not belonging to the company of employ. The lawyers at Kelly Law Office, P.C. have the experience and know-how to litigate third-party claims in a Missouri civil court.