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Industrial accident claims life of unprotected Missouri worker

Missouri workers who perform their daily duties surrounded by machinery in industrial plants are often exposed to multiple safety hazards. This is true even for those who are fortunate enough to be employed by a company that complies with safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Unfortunately, many employers disregard the safety of workers, and lives can be lost in an industrial accident.

Following the January death of a worker, OSHA recently completed an investigation. It found that the Missouri manufacturer of vehicle suspension systems had allowed unsafe work environments to prevail. A 62-year-old worker who had been assembling parts in the factory for more than 30 years lost his life in this incident. According to the findings of OSHA investigators, the worker operated a hydraulic press weighing 4 tons that was not fitted with the safety mechanisms that are prescribed by the agency.

Due to the lack of protection, the worker was struck by a metal spacer — weighing 4 pounds — that had dislodged and flew off the press. The worker’s death was caused by internal injuries and multiple fractured bones. In addition to the safety violations, the company failed to provide the injury document to OSHA within four hours, as required by regulations.

OSHA said this employer risked the lives of employees every time a machine was activated. Such disregard is unacceptable, and Missouri families who have lost a loved one in an industrial accident may pursue claims for benefits. The workers’ compensation insurance fund provides some level of financial relief in the form of death benefits to a deceased victim’s surviving family. These benefits typically cover end-of-life expenses, along with a financial package for covered dependents based on the deceased worker’s latest wage level.

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