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Fatal workplace injuries cause death of construction worker

Construction workers in Missouri are exposed to countless life-threatening hazards whenever they are on construction sites. According to the strict safety regulations that are prescribed by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must assess all construction sites before work commences. Hazards must be identified and addressed to prevent construction worker injuries.

A construction worker, age 41, recently lost his life at a site on which student housing is being built. Police reported that the man was working on the foundation of a unit when a bar of steel apparently fell from a height of 130 feet above him. It struck him on his head, and, despite the protection of the hard hat he was wearing, the injury was fatal. According to police, the hard hat was shattered to pieces by the impact.

It was reported that colleagues tried to save the worker’s life by performing CPR, but to no avail. When the paramedics arrived at the construction site, the worker had passed away. OSHA said a thorough investigation would be conducted to determine whether any safety regulations were violated by the deceased worker’s employer.

Losing a loved one who suffered fatal workplace injuries naturally impacts the lives of the surviving family members in various ways. Along with the heartache caused by the loss, Missouri families may find it difficult to meet financial obligations. Fortunately, some level of relief is available by pursuing death benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Benefits will cover end-of-life expenses along with compensation in the form of a financial package that will be based on the deceased worker’s latest level of income.

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