On Your Side After An Injury

Workers’ compensation claim may follow amusement park injury

The daily duties of employees of amusement parks in Missouri can present many dangers. Unanticipated workplace accidents can result from equipment malfunctions and other dangerous situations. The owners of an amusement park have to rely on the competence of their workers. A workforce that is aware of potential hazards and equipped with proper safety training may save a company owner large amounts of money on workers’ compensation claims that commonly follow work injuries.

A worker at an amusement park in another state recently suffered a fractured hand and head trauma when he was struck by a roller coaster car. A representative of the company said the accident happened during test runs of the car on a new roller coaster that was being prepared for the opening of the new season. The car is reportedly several inches wider than the tracks and apparently struck the worker who was standing in a low-lying area.

The representative said further testing was suspended until the completion of an investigation into the accident that could have been fatal. Large numbers of workers at entertainment facilities are injured every year, and some accidents result in fatalities. Investigations commonly determine whether accidents are caused by the negligence of employers. Company owners can be held responsible if grounds and rides are not properly maintained, and if a work accident is caused by faulty equipment, the manufacturer may be deemed responsible.

Owners of amusement parks in Missouri are responsible for the safety of their workers. Safety guidelines should be followed, and equipment inspections must be carried out regularly. Defects and other hazards should be rectified without delay. Injuries and fatalities at workplaces may lead to workers’ compensation claims to cover medical and/or end-of-life expenses, along with compensation for lost wages.

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