On Your Side After An Injury

Workplace injuries are a constant threat to field workers

Field workers in Missouri face multiple threats every day, and one of the most dangerous aspects may be the fact that a field worker often has to respond to emergency situations on their own. Workers who have to cope with solo work are known to work for extra long periods in order to complete a job, without realizing the dangers of exhaustion and inadequate rest. Paired with the other injury threats they are faced with, working solo as a field worker creates life-threatening situations, and a comprehensive knowledge of safety regulations is essential to avoid injuries at work.

Field workers are often exposed to high voltages, and extensive training and proper protective gear is essential. Workers occupied in high voltage tasks should be provided with hard hats, eye protection and flame resistant clothing. Another dangerous situation these workers regularly face is working at dangerous heights. Whether they are in a cherry picker or use climbing equipment, fall protection should always be utilized. A large number of injuries result from fall accidents, and such injuries could result in disability or even death.

Field workers must often work in extreme weather conditions. Depending on the locality of the job, workers can be exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, along with other environmental hazards such as wind storms. Adequate measures to cope with rapidly changing weather conditions should be taken. Lastly, these workers cannot afford to suffer injuries to their hands, and proper protection to avoid hand injuries or burns is a vital part of workplace safety.

The above is but a few of the potential hazards faced by field workers, and it is impossible to anticipate most injuries. Field workers may suffer workplace injuries that may cause long absences from work and lead to financial instability. However, most Missouri workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund and may claim benefits from the fund to cover medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages. Workers seeking guidance with the claims procedures may learn more at our workers’ compensation website.

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