On Your Side After An Injury

How can a workers’ compensation attorney help me?

While most workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, not all benefit claims are successful. The circumstances of each workplace injury is unique, and claims may be denied by the workers’ compensation insurance fund for various reasons. However, Missouri workers may find comfort knowing that they may retain the services of an attorney to represent them in pursuing these important insurance claims.

The services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney may benefit injured workers by handling each claim in a professional manner. Workers whose claims have already been denied may also seek the services of an attorney to seek a favorable resolution. The attorney will endeavor to obtain maximum benefits to ensure your financial security. Workers who retain the services of legal counsel typically receive benefits that are substantially higher than those who handle contentious issues on their own.

Areas that often present problems include workers receiving fewer benefits that what they are entitled to, or claims that are denied. There are also instances where workers are dismissed after claiming workers’ compensation benefits, or lower paying jobs are offered after their return to work. The support and experience of an attorney may be invaluable in these cases. Workplace accidents where a third party was responsible for your injuries may allow you to file a civil claim of personal injury in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.

Missouri workers may also want to be aware that the actions of vocational experts and claims adjusters could result in the unexpected cessation of your benefits. Your attorney will combat such action while keeping your best interests at heart. Any offers received from the workers’ compensation insurance provider will be assessed, and your legal counsel will assist in the choice of a physician to provide support for your case. You will also be assisted with the filling out of required forms, and all details about your injuries will be documented. A visit to our workers’ compensation attorney website may answer any questions you may have.