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A repetitive workplace injury claim may be declined, what then?

Most Missouri workers are likely aware of the workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to if they are injured on the job. However, many may not know that those benefits also cover repetitive injuries. Any workplace injury can be extremely stressful for a worker, who may be unsure whether he or she will be able to continue the job that provides the weekly or monthly income.

Repetitive injuries develop over long periods of repeating the same actions and are usually diagnosed by a personal physician or specialist. These injuries are commonly relevant to a job, where the same action or body position affect areas such as the hands, wrists, forearms and elbows — or the knees, back and shoulders. Workers who spend long hours standing on their feet, or sitting in one position while typing for several hours per day, or those who have to bend consistently or lift heavy objects may develop repetitive injuries.

While Missouri workers’ compensation insurance covers repetitive injuries, the claims are often rejected. In most cases it is difficult for a worker to identify the start date or onset of the injury, as it usually starts as a minor ache that develops into chronic pain over time. It can be compared to a workplace illness that may develop due to exposure to certain conditions over an extended period, and might lead to a worker’s disability. Conditions commonly associated with repetitive injuries include tendonitis, bursitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, along with ganglion cysts and back problems.

To successfully navigate through a workers’ compensation claim for a repetitive workplace injury, Missouri workers may seek professional assistance to review and assess the case, protect important legal rights and pursue fair compensation. Depending on the severity of the injury, long-term benefits may be secured for workers who are unable to continue working. Our firm will fight for your right to consult with specialists and get coverage of any surgery that may be required. With our strong track record, our lawyers will focus on seeking compensation to replace lost wages and pay for the expenses that typically accompany these types of workplace injuries.

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