On Your Side After An Injury

How do I protect my legal rights after a work accident?

Missouri construction workers are likely aware that they often have to face working conditions that are more dangerous than in any other profession. While various regulations and safety programs endeavor to avoid the occurrence of a work accident, the regularity of on-the-job accidents in the construction industry is alarming. Victims of such accidents are often unsure of what steps to take in order to protect themselves and their legal rights.

The most important thing is to get the necessary medical attention and proper treatment of your injuries. The employer and the manager of the construction site should be informed about the accident without delay, and the position and name of the individual you notified should be recorded, along with the details of any persons who were witnesses to the accident. Photographic evidence may prove to be beneficial, so try to obtain photos of your injuries and any tool or equipment that may have caused the injuries. Preserving as much evidence as possible may assist your attorney in assessing the viability of a potential claim.

Protecting your legal rights in a case where liability issues prove to be complex may require a [url=`http://www.kellypittmanlaw.com/workers-comp/’]legal representative.[/url] that has experience in the laws of construction injuries. In addition to deadlines for filing causes of action, his or her knowledge of fact-finding and accident investigation may determine the outcome of your claim. In order to protect your legal rights, such investigation should be conducted without delay.

Violations of safety regulations may serve to support a claim for a construction accident. Missouri construction workers who have suffered injuries in a work accident will need to discuss issues such as liability, indemnity and compliance with safety regulations with their attorney. These legal requirements can be intimidating and best handled on your behalf.

Source: FindLaw, “Getting Help For a Construction Accident Injury“, , Aug. 27, 2014

Source: FindLaw, “Getting Help For a Construction Accident Injury“, , Aug. 27, 2014