On Your Side After An Injury

Kellogg’s worker dies after ladder-fall injuries in work accident

Missouri workers may know that ladder-falls make up a large percentage of injuries and fatalities in workplace accidents. Business owners are responsible for the safety of all their workers and are required to abide by the safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in an attempt to avoid a work accident. In addition to providing safe working environments and proper protective clothing, employers have to provide adequate safety training and ensure that workers are aware of the potential hazards associated with every task.

A worker recently lost his life after suffering injuries while working at the premises of a production facility of Kellogg’s in another state. While individuals may seldom recognize the danger in standing on the second or third step of a ladder, this accident proves that even such a fall could be fatal. The worker slipped and fell backward, and while the actual fall did not cause injuries, he fell onto some equipment nearby, injuring his neck and head. The worker was taken to the hospital, and although he seemed fine after the incident, he developed respiratory problems. They led to the discovery that his neck was fractured.

The man underwent surgery, but when complications set in, the doctors decided to stop the procedure. The man died less than two weeks after the accident. It was reported that an OSHA investigation is underway at the Kellogg’s premises.

This fatal work accident may serve to underscore the importance of safety training in the workplace. Missouri families who have lost a loved one as the result of a workplace accident may be facing costly expenses for a funeral and burial. In addition, the loss of income may be detrimental to their financial stability. Most workers in Missouri are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund, which is designed to provide much-needed financial aid to families who lost loved ones after on-the-job accidents. Surviving family members are entitled to pursue claims for death benefits from the fund to cover medical costs and end of life expenses, as well as an income package for covered dependents of the deceased worker.

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