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Court awards victim of work accident with handicap accessible van

When Missouri workers whose jobs involve heavy motorized equipment are involved in workplace accidents, the resulting injuries can be severe and life-changing. Such accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and if proper safety regulations are not observed at all times, it can result in death or injuries that may lead to disabilities. Business owners are responsible for the safety of all their workers and are required to abide by the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA to avoid a work accident.

A man from another state was over the moon recently when a supreme court ruling went in his favor in a claim against an insurance company. The court ruled that he was allowed to obtain a van that is accessible to accommodate his handicapped condition, which resulted from a horrific workplace accident in 2011. In addition, the court instructed the insurance company to pay additional compensation that is related to injuries suffered in a work accident.

The man suffered life-changing injuries when he landed under the wheels of a trailer that carried bridge girders that weighed 200,000 pounds. It was reported that the total weight that ran over the worker was approximately 40,000 pounds. Leading up to the accident, the worker was outside operating a hydraulic lever that helped to steer the oversized trailer. He fell and landed under the trailer and suffered numerous fractures, including his spine, all four limbs and his hands and feet, along with multiple severe internal injuries. He was subjected to a foot amputation and 30 surgical procedures during extensive stays in the hospital, resulting in medical bills in excess of $2 million.

Missouri workers who have been the victim of a work accident that resulted from an unsafe working environment may be concerned about having to take time off work while at the same time facing high medical bills. Most workers are eligible to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. If, however, victims experience problems with claims that are denied, they may find comfort knowing that help is available from advisors who aim to protect the interests of injured workers and their families.

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