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Missouri workplace safety stand-down

In 2012, approximately 300 employees in the construction industry died from falls. In fact, falls at the workplace are the primary cause of fatalities among industrial workers. The Obama administration announced that at least a million employees and over 20,000 companies in Missouri and throughout the United States will be taking part in workplace safety stand-downs.

The focal points of the safety stand-downs are safety at workplaces and preventing falls. The Labor Secretary noted that the economy is improving and more homes are being built, leading to more work for construction employees. Due to this, it’s essential to ensure that these employees are protected and can go home safe at the end of their shifts.

As the safety stand-down takes place, it’s requested that employees and their employers take a break in the work shift to discuss fall prevention. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration organized the fall safety stand-down and stated that not having protection against falls is mostly the reason why employers receive violations. Fall safety equipment includes anchors and harnesses, which can help reduce fatalities.

Workplace safety is essential to prevent falls and other mishaps that can occur on the job. Since falls are the primary cause of death with construction workers, it’s important for employers to have fall safety equipment and provide proper training. By following appropriate safety measures, employees are at a reduced risk of injuries or death. Missouri employees who were injured on the job due to employer negligence may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims.

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