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Crane accident claims the life of 16-year-old worker in Missouri

When Missouri students find holiday employment with construction companies, they may not be fully informed about the potential dangers the job may pose. While regular workers may be aware of the required safety procedures, inexperienced student workers’ lives may be in jeopardy on construction sites. A 16-year-old student recently lost his life in a crane accident at a Highway 272 construction site.

The owners of construction companies are expected to provide safety training to all workers, and in addition, they must ensure that all equipment is in proper working order. Authorities reported receiving a call about a construction accident on a recent Tuesday morning. A witness described seeing a worker being struck by a crane that malfunctioned. The sheriff’s department said that the boom of the crane broke and fell on the worker.

The county coroner confirmed the death of the young man about forty minutes after the fatal accident and said that an autopsy will follow. Police reported that there will not be a criminal investigation. However, the accident scene will be subject to a safety inspection to determine what caused the malfunction that was responsible for the tragedy.

Missouri families that have gone through the trauma of losing a loved one in a crane accident — or any other workplace accident — may be struggling to cope with the funeral and burial costs, along with loss of income. Most construction workers are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund and may claim benefits. The fund typically covers end-of-life expenses and a portion of lost wages. In addition, it may authorize survivor benefits to the next-of-kin of a deceased worker.

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