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Construction worker falls to his death from 4 story building

Construction workers in Missouri likely expect their employers to provide a safe working environment. Due to the heights at which construction often takes place, accidents from falls are not uncommon. The media reports about construction worker deaths on a regular basis, and many of these accidents are the result of noncompliance with safety regulations.

Companies are required to comply with the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA, and failure to do so may result in significant penalties. A 48-year-old construction worker in another state recently fell to his death from the roof of a four-story building. It was reported that the man was occupied on the roof, where the wind had dislodged some plywood pieces. He reportedly slipped when he stepped onto a loose section of plywood.

The man apparently untied his security harness for a moment to gain a more secure position when he slipped off the roof. He was transported to a nearby hospital and was declared dead. The family of the deceased man is likely facing the high costs of a funeral and burial, along with the loss of his income.

Every construction worker in Missouri has the right to a safe workplace and well maintained safety equipment. Families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents typically may not file claims against the worker’s employer, although they are entitled to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Families may not be familiar with the intricacies of these claims and may wish to acquire the available help to successfully prepare and present a claim that may secure all applicable benefits as a result of the tragic incident.

Source: The Times-Gazette, “Hillsboro native dies in North Dakota accident”, , May 13, 2014