On Your Side After An Injury

Missouri workers often sustain injuries at state hospitals

Most of the time, employees who work in the construction or industrial field are at risk to injuries. However, hospital staff members are also exposed to injuries, particularly from patients. Employees at Missouri state hospitals have been injured by patients while on the job.

Between 2009 and 2013, approximately 600 employees filed workers’ compensation claims, resulting in over half being settled. In one case, a patient at the hospital was ruled incompetent to stand trial, and an employee was in the midst of moving the patient to another ward. However, during this attempt, the patient suddenly punched the employee, which sent him flying a certain distance across the room. After the initial blow, the employee was knocked out, but the patient repeatedly struck the employee about 14 times.

Reportedly, the employee received double the amount in workers’ compensation than other state hospitals. A Missouri Department of Health director stated that a majority of the claims filed against the hospital are injuries from patients. The employee believes that the current policy at the hospital is flawed, as it does not allow patients to be physically or chemically restrained.

It’s not often that Missouri residents learn that hospital workers are injured on the job. In spite of this, these incidents do happen, and injuries can be severe enough to require hospitalization. Employees who have been injured while in any job environment may have the right to pursue workers’ compensation claims against the employer to recoup damages while they recover. The court system may award damages if evidence deems that the employer acted in a negligent manner.

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