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Missouri employees suffer from work injuries at facility

Working at a mental health facility can bring about dangers to employees. Due to the mental state of patients, Missouri mental health professionals may be subjected to injuries at the workplace at the hands of patients. Injured employees from one particular facility have received over $300,000 in payments.

In a one-year time period, approximately 10 police reports were lodged in regard to attacks from patients at the Lakeland Behavioral Health System. One woman was working a late night shift at the facility when she was reportedly attacked by a patient. The incident caused the woman to suffer from two herniated discs and post-traumatic stress disorder. Another woman was injured when a patient kicked her multiple times in the face, causing her teeth to shatter and some to come out.

From the period of time cover 2009 to 2013, about 22 workers’ compensation claims were filed against the facility due to injuries from patients. The employees’ injuries ranged from back and knee injuries to ankle and leg injuries. Most of the injuries were determined to have occurred while employees were attempting to restrain a patient.

Some work environments are dangerous in nature, but it is still the duty of employers to facilitate a safe working environment for their employees. The current and former employees in this case have suffered a large amount of injuries sustained on the job from patients. Some of the injuries proved to be temporary, while others are permanent and life-changing. Missouri employees who were injured at the workplace may have the right to file workers’ compensation claims against the employers. Doing so may bring about some financial relief as they recover from their injuries.

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