On Your Side After An Injury

Would Missouri graduate student receive workers’ compensation?

When workers are injured on the job, they are generally entitled to receive workers’ compensation. College students may also be faced with injury while performing a task at school. In a University case, a graduate student sustained permanent injuries on campus. Can Missouri graduate students receive workers’ compensation?

According to reports, students are requesting that a fellow student receives workers’ compensation. The student was in the graduate program for Chemical engineering. While in class, a bottle shattered and a piece of glass cut his arm, resulting in severe injuries to his tendons and an artery. The incident caused injuries that are permanent and disabling. He underwent two procedures and was required to go through physical therapy, and, at this time, the injury may have even negatively affected his future earning potential.

The degree of workers’ compensation may be different depending on the area, and some graduate students may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation. However, certain occupational safety laws that would apply to workers may not necessarily apply to students. A dean with Cornell stated that the students do not need workers’ compensation since it already covers medical expenses. In addition, the students are entitled to receive a full stipend during recovery.

A graduate student may be entitled to workers’ compensation depending on which area they reside in. Certain states such as Missouri may have different laws governing the protection of students. However, if a graduate student is not entitled to receive workers’ compensation after an injury on school campus, the individual may still be entitled to have their medical expenses covered by the school, as well as other compensation.

Source: sciencecareers.com, Can a Graduate Student Get Workers??? Compensation?, Beryl Lieff Benderly, March. 12, 2014