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Missouri workers’ compensation laws may include mental illness

Workers’ compensation claims are usually a result of work-related accidents that result in injury. These injuries often hinder Missouri workers from performing their job duties. Now, a workers’ compensation proposal is being reviewed that would not only cover physical injuries, but also mental illness.

Lawmakers in certain areas are looking into the proposal to expand the workers’ compensation law. This expansion would cover post-traumatic stress disorder. According to reports, the bill would be geared toward government or state employees after witnessing a terrifying event or even witnessing the aftermath of the event. The employee must be diagnosed with the disorder and the event must have happened while on the job.

In the coming days, the committee will meet to hear more information about the bill. Last year, legislators proposed a bill in relation to the Sandy Hook school shooting. A designated fund was developed to assist with uncovered or unpaid mental health costs for employees who were directly affected or witnessed the aftermath of the shooting. Most of these workers are school employees and law enforcement officers.

Workers in Missouri, who suffered mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing a traumatizing event on the job, may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation for their suffering. In addition to mental suffering, accidents in the workplace can be devastating for those who suffer from them. A worker who sustains any type of workplace injury may experience ongoing medical issues and elect to file for workers’ compensation benefits to help cover those expenses.

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