On Your Side After An Injury

Construction worker suffers injuries after electric shock

Residents of Missouri know that construction workers face several risks whenever they are working at a job site. In addition, the possibility of falling from high places, getting hit by traffic or construction machinery that is passing or suffering an injury from falling debris, construction workers also need to be aware of the safety hazard presented by nearby power lines and other sources of electricity.

A recent workplace accident occurred at a construction site in a neighboring state. A construction worker sustained injuries after being shocked. Reportedly, the worker hit an underground power cable, which caused a blue flame to come out of the ground.

While the incident did result in a power outage for about 2,000 people, the worker who got shocked was not seriously injured. Nevertheless, he was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, but his current conditions are not known at this time.

Unfortunately, not all accidents on the job that involve electricity end so well. Electrical accidents can result in serious injury or death, and it is imperative that employers properly train their employees to be safe around electricity. They should also take precautionary steps to ensure the safety of all workers. With respect to this case, certain steps might have been available to avoid this incident.

For those construction workers who do suffer injuries from electricity or other causes, Missouri’s workers’ compensation system can help them get back on their feet. Workers’ compensation can pay for all eligible medical expenses and can also reimburse a portion of an injured worker’s lost income.

No matter the severity of the injury, suffering an on-the-job injury could impact the worker significantly. Even a small injury could prevent the worker from attending work for a few days or even weeks. It is important they receive the necessary medical treatment and recover lost wages for the time they took off to properly heal.

Source: Lincoln Journal-Star “Construction worker injured after hitting power cable,” Oct. 22, 2013