On Your Side After An Injury

Alligator hassles construction worker crew; bites man’s leg

Construction workers in the Kansas City area face many common construction site hazards like heavy machinery, sometimes unstable scaffolding and live electrical wires. These and other hazards can often result in workplaces injures; however, as a recent case from another state illustrates, sometimes a construction accident can involve a set of surprising and unexpected circumstances.

A crew of construction workers was building a dock over a lake when one of the crew’s members suddenly was pulled backward in the water. His colleagues realized from the man’s shocked expression that an alligator had clamped onto his leg and was attacking the man. The man’s co-workers were able to rescue the man by pulling him out of the chest-deep water into a boat. Wildlife officials later shot and killed the alligator.

While the exact condition of the worker was not disclosed, one of his co-workers said that his leg was hanging from the rest of his body. The man was transported from the scene by ambulance.

Fortunately for Missouri construction workers who suffer an injury from unusual circumstances, workers’ compensation will cover nearly all injuries that occurred at work so long as the injuries were sustained while the person was acting according to his job duties. The fact that an injury was unexpected or not the employer’s fault would ordinarily not result in a denial of the worker’s benefits.

No matter how bizarre or outlandish the injury may appear, a workplace accident at a construction site can be disastrous for a worker and his or her family. Filing for workers’ compensation may help a family rebound from an unexpected financial loss.

Source: WPTV 5, “Gator bites construction worker,” Ashleigh Walters, Aug. 31, 2013