On Your Side After An Injury

Two Missouri highway worker suffer on-the-job injuries

One of the dangers of being a Missouri highway worker is the necessity to make stops on the state’s many freeways that other drivers might not expect. Especially when stopping in the middle of the night, there is always a chance that a worker can be hurt or even killed by an inattentive driver.

For example, two highway workers in another city in Missouri suffered minor injuries after another driver rear-ended their stopped vehicle. The two workers were taken to a nearby hospital, where they were treated and released for injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening. The driver of the car that hit the two workers’ vehicle was also treated for his injuries. It is uncertain whether police will issue a citation to the driver that struck the workers.

Even though the accident happened after midnight, the injured highway workers were stopped on the freeway in connection with their job duties. Specifically, they were trying to collect some garbage on or near the road when their vehicle got hit.

Thankfully, the injuries, at this point, appear to be minor, and, hopefully, the workers will be able to get back to their jobs quickly. Nevertheless, the state’s workers’ compensation system could still be of benefit to these workers so that they can get reimbursement for medical expenses and lost income.

After all, depending upon one’s health insurance, even a single emergency room trip can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, sometimes it is hard to know the full extent of one’s injuries until well after an accident. What may seem minor enough at first may turn in to a significant and costly medical problem down the road.

Source: KOMU News, “2 workers hurt on I-70 near St. Louis,” Aug. 13, 2013