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Worker severely burned from electrical line contact in Missouri

A worker in Kansas City, Missouri was badly injured in a work-related accident back on July 3rd. The worker apparently made contact with an energized wire resulting in him suffering severe burns. The worker was listed as being in critical condition as a result of the accident.

Apparently the power pole was leaning over onto a homeowner’s property. While a crew was working upon the pole, the worker that was standing upon the ground was struck by a wire from an adjacent pole. The homeowner stated she heard a loud noise and then reported that she saw smoke. CPR was administered by other workers, and an ambulance was called to the scene of the accident.

Though it’s not clear what sort of safety precautions were taken by the company for which this individual worked, workers are often seriously injured because of contact with power lines and other electrical wiring. When worker accidents are foreseeable, employers do have a duty to take extra precautions to make certain that will prevent this sort of contact from ever occurring.

This sort of work cannot be conducted without dedicated workers doing what they can to assist others facing potential problems. These individuals work long hours and perform dangerous tasks so that others can go on with their normal routines. And it’s because these workers are performing such an important task that employers need to do all they can to provide the safest work environment possible.

Unfortunately, when workers are injured, their family members often have no income coming in whatsoever. Attorneys experienced in helping injured workers out can make certain that the needs of the injured worker and other family members are met.

Source: Fox 4 News, “KCP&L worker ‘severely burned’ after power line accident,” July 3, 2013