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Is office work risk-free for employees?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Workplace Safety

Working in an office may seem very boring to some people. Sitting at a computer and remaining in the same environment for eight hours a day every day may seem relatively safe as well. After all, office workers aren’t exposed to heavy machinery or chemicals like those in construction work or volatile individuals like those working in the medical profession or the service industry.

Yet, despite people’s assumptions, there are actually quite a few job risks associated with an office-based profession. Office workers can get hurt on the job badly enough that they require a leave of absence and medical care.

How do office workers get hurt?

Many on-the-job injuries for office workers involve repetitive stress and poor workplace ergonomics. Workers who sit at desks all day often spend a good portion of their time typing and can end up developing carpal tunnel syndrome. They may also develop injuries to their necks and backs because of the chairs where they sit.

Eye strain is another concern when someone spends most of their day looking at a screen. Workers could end up hurt by office equipment, possibly due to electrical shock. Interpersonal violence is a job concern in an office setting, as is over-exertion due to lifting or moving items. Workers may slip and fall, leading to injuries that could include brain injuries and broken bones.

Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits are available to employees in all professions, not just those in particularly dangerous jobs like construction. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can help office employees cover both lost wages and medical expenses that they incur due to an injury or medical issue related to their work.