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What can you do if someone is tailgating you?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

Some people choose to do nothing when another driver is tailgating. They know that they can only really control the way that they drive, and they are driving safely. They hope the tailgating stops, but they don’t actively take any steps to put an end to it. 

Other drivers take a more active approach and decide to brake-check that rear driver, aggressively hitting their brakes for no reason. They hope that this will show the tailgater just how dangerously they’re driving, causing them to back off.

But both of these decisions are risky. Ignoring the issue means that a rear-end accident could happen. Brake-checking is actually illegal and could directly cause an accident. So what should people do?

Allow the tailgater to pass

For the lead driver, their only goal should be allowing the rear driver to pass. That is what will make them safer. They shouldn’t get involved in brake-checking, road rage or any decisions based on ego. They should only be thinking about safety. It may not feel fair to let a tailgater pass, but it is safer to do so.

For example, if the tailgating is happening on the interstate, the driver may just need to merge into a different lane. If it’s happening on a smaller road, the front driver may decide to slow down gradually to make it easier for the tailgater to get around. In some situations, it may even be wise for the front driver to safely pull into a parking lot or onto the shoulder of the road, knowing that they will be much safer if the tailgater is somewhere ahead of them.

Of course, if the tailgater does cause an accident, it is usually not the front driver’s fault. They can only do so much. If they’ve been injured by another negligent driver, then it may be time to look into financial compensation.