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Construction doesn’t have the highest fatal accident rate

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

People often consider the construction industry to be the most dangerous one in the United States. They will note that there are more fatal accidents and workplace deaths in construction than in any other industry. They claim that this is where the greatest risk lies.

It is true that the construction industry has the most total fatal accidents every year. However, it is not true that it has the highest fatal accident rate or that it carries the greatest level of risk. To calculate the rate, you have to look at the total number of fatalities for every 100,000 workers. There are other industries in which fatal accidents happen at a greater rate, but they have lower totals simply because there are fewer workers in those industries.

So what are the most dangerous industries?

What the statistics typically show is that those who work in industries like agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing are at greater risk. They have much higher fatal accident rates.

For example, the logging industry is highly dangerous. One reason for this is that workers often use power tools and heavy machinery. Another reason is that there’s an inherent danger of being struck by falling objects. Further, the locations where logging takes place are often more remote, so it takes longer for medical care to be rendered to an injured worker. Other dangerous industries include things like transportation and mining.

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