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How strict is Missouri’s statute of limitations for accident claims?

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

To be as frank as possible, the filing restrictions for a Liberty, MO, motor vehicle accident (or injury) claim are quite strict. The law imposes statutes of limitations to discourage untimely and outright fraudulent claims.

Even with rigid time limits, injured victims have ample opportunity to start a claim. Unlike many other states, Missouri provides injured parties with more time to address their harm. Further, the state also features other accident laws favorable to victims.

What is the statute of limitations on accident claims?

You have a full five years to file your accident or injury claim in Missouri. If you allow this time limit to lapse, you may lose out on compensation for your harm. We typically suggest seeing a doctor immediately after the crash to uncover any hidden injuries you might have suffered.

Some injuries, like brain trauma, could take some time to begin manifesting symptoms. The sooner you see a medical provider, the sooner you will get an accurate diagnosis of your injuries. Armed with your doctor’s official report, you can get started on your vehicle accident claim right away.

How else does Missouri law favor victims?

There is no damages cap in the Ozark state, meaning that you may acquire sufficient compensation to address your motor vehicle accident injuries. Further, the state maintains a Tort Victims’ Compensation Fund to assist eligible claimants that cannot get compensated through traditional legal cures.

As you can see, you have several options for acquiring the compensation you need to address accident injuries, even if they do not manifest immediately. Learning more about the state’s injury and compensation laws can help you decide your next steps after a vehicle accident.