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The driver who hit me left. Are they liable for the accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Crashes

After you are involved in a vehicle accident, the other driver may leave without ever trying to exchange information with you. In Missouri, as in other states, this is termed as a “hit-and-run accident.”

While the other driver may have believed they would fare better by leaving the scene of your accident, they may actually suffer more severe consequences.

Why did the other driver leave the accident scene?

The other driver may have a previous collision on their record. They may not carry vehicle insurance, even though it is legally required. These collisions are what you hear about on the late news.

This means you were unable to exchange information, such as name, insurance company and phone number. Your insurance company will take this into account as they work to make you whole again.

In Missouri, a report of a car accident is mandatory

No matter how minor a vehicle accident may seem, Missouri law makes it mandatory for both drivers to report the collision to law enforcement. Failing to report the accident may make things worse for the driver who didn’t file a report.

Bodily injuries may not present themselves until hours after the accident. Property damage to the other vehicle or a nearby structure may also be found. Both of these should be taken care of as soon as possible.

The other driver may not carry vehicle insurance

If the other driver does not have vehicle coverage, they may not want the police to find this out. Even though they may suffer more severe consequences, they may feel it is worth not staying on the scene. Learning more about how to protect yourself after an accident may help you to protect yourself later.