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How do TBIs manifest?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Firm News

Often, the biggest potential risks you face after a head injury involve the brain. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in particular can have a severe impact on your brain health. This in turn impacts the overall health of your body and your quality of life.

Thus, it is important to seek quick medical treatment to limit damages. One of the most important tools in receiving this treatment is the ability to identify a TBI in the first place.

Emotional and mental manifestations

As Mayo Clinic states, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) manifest in different ways. Several factors go into determining how a TBI will affect you. Some involve your personal state, such as your physical health and stability. Others involve the circumstances behind the injury. This can include things like the strength of the hit and where the blow landed.

TBIs typically manifest in three categories: emotional (or behavioral), mental and physical. Emotionally, it is common for TBI sufferers to feel easily overwhelmed. This can lead to breakdowns or fits of tears. TBI victims also tend to feel stronger anger and aggression. This can lead to them lashing out at those around them, including loved ones.

Mentally, TBI victims experience a high rate of confusion. They may not remember the events leading up to the injury. They may even forget where they are, why they are there or where they were going. Even more severe forms of memory loss may occur.

Physical red flags

Physically, victims may display several signs. These can range from coma to migraines to nausea to trouble with balance. Keep an eye out for other warning signs like clear fluid leaking from the ears or nose, too. By watching out for these manifestations, you can act fast and get the help you need to avoid serious complications.