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Is eating while driving dangerous?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Firm News

Many people believe that distracted driving is only teenagers texting on cell phones or taking selfies. The reality is that there are multiple kinds of distracted driving, and most drivers are guilty of driving distracted at some point. 

One of the most common varieties of distracted driving is eating or drinking while driving. In fact, eating or drinking out of an open container while operating a moving motor vehicle increases the risk of a crash by just under 40%. 

What foods should I avoid while driving?

Ideally, you should not be eating or drinking anything while behind the wheel. However, there are some kinds of food that are more associated with automobile accidents than others. Some of the most dangerous types of food include donuts, food with BBQ sauce, hamburgers, soups, fried chicken and coffee. 

Some of these foods are more dangerous just because drivers consume them more often behind the wheel: coffee is an example of this. However, donuts often have slippery coatings in the form of icing or powdered sugar; this can make it more difficult to grip the wheel. 

How can I avoid eating while driving?

Many Americans regularly eat their breakfast in the car on the way to work. It is a better idea to build an extra 10 minutes into your morning routine so that you can enjoy your breakfast at home rather than in the car. 

If you are going for an extended road trip, try to plan your meals and advance and pack them yourself. Not only will you save money and eat healthier while doing this, you can pull off at a rest stop along the way to enjoy your picnic.