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What should I do after a hit-and-run?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Firm News

No matter what kind of car accident you find yourself in, even if it is just a very minor fender-bender in a parking lot, it is irritating. However, there are accidents more irritating than a hit and run. 

The good news is that dealing with a hit-and-run is not that much different than dealing with a regular car accident. The main thing is to control your emotions. Make sure that you stay put at the scene and you take the time to talk to any eyewitnesses. 

The wisdom of staying still

It is natural to want to give chase as you watch the culprit driving away. However, you should resist this urge. Driving away from the scene of a hit-and-run accident is a crime. Rather, you should only move your car out of the path of traffic if it is in an inconvenient location. 

Beyond this, the steps are similar to a regular car accident. Document the scene with a camera if you have one, and call 911 if anybody has sustained an injury. If not, call the police non-emergency number for a report. 

Moving forward

Eyewitnesses can be very valuable in a hit-and run case. Many people have smartphones and it is possible that an eyewitness was able to catch photo or video evidence of the culprit. If so, this can help make your hit-and-run case much easier for the police to solve. 

The eyewitnesses are also why you should stay put after the crash itself. If the eyewitnesses see both you and the other person drive off from the scene, they may believe that both of you are equally as guilty.