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Greene County crash kills two, injures another

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Firm News

Much debate exists amongst people in Missouri over the responsibility that drivers have for the safety of the passengers in their vehicles. A driver should (of course) avoid any reckless or negligent behavior, as such behavior is completely within their own control and endangers others. Yet what about the decision of an adult passenger to not wear a seat belt? 

Many might argue that a driver should only be liable for the safety and restraint of any minors in their vehicle. Conversely, adult passengers understand the risk that comes from not wearing a seatbelt, and should they still choose to ride unrestrained, they accept the increased potential of suffering a serious injury in an accident. 

Single-car crash outside of Republic claims two lives

Yet about those cases where both scenarios are present? Per the local NBC News affiliate, authorities from the Missouri State Highway Patrol report that a speed along with a failure to use seat belts contributed to the catastrophic outcome of a single-car crash on State Highway TT in Greene County. A Pontiac G6 traveling westbound lost control, left the road and hit two trees. Officials say the car’s speed was such that when it was almost completely destroyed upon colliding with the trees. The vehicle’s three occupants were not wearing their seat belts. Two of them died in crash; the third also sustained injuries. Authorities have yet to determine which of the three drove the vehicle. 

Compensation following a serious car crash

Liability for injuries sustained and damages caused in accidents such as this may be difficult to determine. What is not difficult to gauge is the impact they have on victims and their families. They may require compensation to deal with the consequences of the collisions. Yet given the challenges referenced earlier, one might do well to enlist the services of an experienced attorney in their struggle.