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Hazards that road workers face

Workers in many fields face a lot of hazards on the job, but some are particularly concerning. For example, those who work in construction often face many risks during a typical day of work. From dangerous machinery to heights and even traffic crashes, construction workers are exposed to many job-related risks. Moreover, road construction workers also face many dangers while they are performing their job duties. Many road workers have been struck by vehicles that were going too fast or by drivers who were not paying attention.

Aside from the risk of being hit by a car or truck, including a company vehicle, road workers face many other dangers. They may be injured while using machinery or they may even suffer a heat stroke while working in hot temperatures. Falling debris, tripping and repetitive strain are some of the other hazards that road workers should look out for.

When someone works in a field that demands physical ability, an accident may mean that they are unable to work for a while or even for the rest of their lives. When this happens, people may be left with many questions, such as how they will provide for their loved ones and what the rest of their life will look like from a financial standpoint and in terms of their ability to participate in various activities (such as skiing, weightlifting, hiking and so on). For many of the workers who have found themselves in this tough position, workers’ compensation benefits are a lifeline. Read more about accidents on the job on our law firm’s workers’ comp page.