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Do you understand employer slip-and-fall prevention obligation?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Workplace Safety

You bring your absolute best every time you clock in or sit down to work for your Missouri employer. For this level of dedication, it is only fair that you expect your employer to protect you from bodily injury while on company time. Is your employer fulfilling their end of the deal?

WCF Insurance explains how fall prevention works in regards to employer obligations. Employees should be aware of their rights in case they ever become victims of a preventable slip and fall.


In regards to the company building exterior, employers need to be aware of the dangers that condensation present. Snowy and icy sidewalks and parking lots are common sites of slip-and-fall accidents. Additionally, ice and snow can conceal potholes in parking lots and stairs, which can become tripping hazards.


The insides of buildings should be well-lit, especially around stairwells, which should have handrails. Wet floors require signage, spills require prompt attention and non-slip floor mats are ideal for entrances and exits. To keep people from tripping, cords require moving, securing or covering.

Parking lots in the winter season

During the colder months of the year, employers need to arrange for snow and ice removal in parking lots. Ideally, snow removal takes place before employees arrive for the workday. Your employer may ask you to move your car or park elsewhere while snowplows do their work. When snow plowing takes place, snow needs to pile over drains or the low portion of the lot. De-icers help prevent the buildup of slick ice.

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