On Your Side After An Injury

Cargill taking strides to reduce chances of workplace injury

One of the largest privately owned companies in the world has likely seen its share of injured workers due to its vast holdings around the country. However, it recently announced that it was taking strides to improve the safety of its employees, particularly those who work in its meat processing facilities. Missouri workers who do suffer from a workplace injury will often seek assistance from the state’s workers’ compensation program.

According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor, an estimated 1,360 workers suffered injuries while working with cattle. Due to the large size and unpredictable nature of these animals, several of these incidents were fatal. An operations manager with Cargill Meat Solutions recently spoke about how new technology may prevent many of these accidents by keeping workers from harm’s way. The company took notice of robots that were being utilized in the security sector that could be converted for use with cattle.

The robot, which was developed by a foreign-based company, was redesigned with a tougher exterior and fitted with options that could incorporate technology that allows for sound transmissions and air blowing that can be used in herding more docile animals such as dairy cows. The company also stated that the robots could possibly also be used in handling other livestock in the future. The cost of each robot is approximately $50,000.

The risk of injury to livestock workers is high, and the industry is struggling to retain workers due to the dangerous working conditions. The use of robots may become more widespread as the benefits outweigh the cost of implementing the new technology. Unfortunately, even the use of technology cannot prevent every workplace injury. Missouri workers who have suffered a serious work-related injury are entitled to seek the assistance of a skilled attorney who can help file a claim for maximum benefits.