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Meat processing plant cited over health and safety violations

Working in an industrial plant requires in-depth training and regular oversight. When a company fails to provide thorough training or is negligent in ensuring that potential hazards are addressed, then it can face both citations and fines for exposing workers to possible health and safety violations. Unfortunately, some Missouri companies have failed to ensure worker safety, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Last December, a fatal accident occurred at a meat processing plant that supplies many consumer outlets with a variety of lunch and deli meats. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted an investigation into that incident, which revealed that safety violations. Unfortunately, there were two other incidents that were reported over the next few months that resulted in workers suffering significant injuries.

OSHA levied fines in excess of $211,190 for several serious violations. Inspectors determined that the company failed to properly train its workers in safety procedures during regular maintenance and cleaning of machinery, including how to lock and tagout machinery. The company was further cited for failing to install required guards on machines as well as neglecting to conduct appropriate assessments regarding hazards. The Canton, Ohio plant for Fresh Mark, where these alleged violations occurred, requested a meeting with OSHA to discuss the findings.

In addition to the three inspections at this particular location over health and safety violations, this plant — along with the company’s other facilities — was recently raided by immigration officials over allegations that company officials knowingly hired hundreds of undocumented workers. The injured workers — or surviving family when a fatal accident occurs — may be entitled to benefits from the workers’ compensation program. Missouri employees also have recourse to this program whenever they suffer an injury while working. An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance in filing  and pursuing these claims in an efficient and timely manner.