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Scaffolding fall results in deaths of 2 construction workers

No matter the project, construction work comes with an inherent set of hazards that can cause a serious injury or death. Building projects that include several stories may be even more dangerous for workers due to the heights that are involved. Sadly, there may be several Missouri residents who have suffered the often tragic outcome that accompanies a scaffolding fall.

Recently, emergency responders in one state were called to an accident scene where work was taking place on a high-rise condominium. According to the report, two men were aboard a bucket elevator that was supported by scaffolding. For reasons that have yet to be determined, the support structure failed, and the two workers fell approximately 110 feet to the ground.

The victims, aged 43 and 48, did not survive the sudden drop. The scaffolding was assembled in order to allow workers to paint and perform maintenance work on the building. These two men were assembling the outside elevator when the collapse occurred. According to a witness, there were several construction projects taking place around the structure at the time.

As is common after a serious work accident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation into what may have led to this fatal scaffolding fall. It is unknown whether the construction company will be held liable for this tragic incident. Missouri workers who suffer a serious work-related injury may seek monetary benefits from the state’s workers’ compensation program. In the event that an accident results in a fatal injury, the victim’s family may qualify for one-time death benefits. Residents — or their surviving family — may seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can ensure that qualifying claims are processed in a timely and efficient manner.

Source: nbc-2.com, “2 workers killed after lift collapses”, May 10, 2018