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Company cited for serious violations; fined after OSHA review

Those who work around chemicals as part of their profession require careful training in proper use and disposal of such materials. In the event that there is a serious mishap, the consequences can prove to be dangerous for Missouri employees and other individuals. When an accident occurs at a workplace, OSHA will likely conduct a thorough review of the causes.

Recently, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration completed its investigation of a serious fire at a chemical plant that injured about a dozen firefighters. Shortly after the blaze, it was determined that it was caused when a worker mixed identified chemicals together in an attempt to dispose of them. Somehow, this touched off a fire that quickly grew out of control. During the course of battling the blaze, it was estimated that more than 12 emergency responders suffered injuries severe enough to require treatment at local hospitals.

The federal agency determined that the company, ProSys Finishing Technologies, which is located in Rhode Island, had committed several serious violations. The citations were issued for improper training of workers, incomplete records of chemical agents, improperly labeled containers and a failure to train for emergency situations. The company has reportedly accepted the agency’s findings and has paid fines in excess of $6,500, which was a reduction from the initial fine of almost $10,000.

Of the more than 12 firefighters who suffered injuries in the January fire, all but one have been released from care — though most remain under medical supervision. The OSHA report did not specify whether any plant employees were injured in the blaze. Missouri workers who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses most likely will seek to obtain benefits from the state’s workers’ compensation program. Those who are struggling to get through the claims process may benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney who successfully files these claims on a routine basis.

Source: turnto10.com, “Cranston company facing violations, fine after chemical fire injures firefighters”, Brian Crandall, May 15, 2018