On Your Side After An Injury

Man seriously injured after work accident at Missouri plant

The Continental Casting plant in Palmyra, Missouri, has been in operation since 1974 and makes die casts in several different materials for use in the automotive, electronics, aerospace and various other industries. Industrial work environments have many hazards that can lead to a serious work accident. Recently, a medical helicopter transported one worker after a serious incident at the facility.

The accident occurred during the early morning hours. It was caused by an electrical supply box that somehow exploded. The explosion caused the man to suffer burn injuries and broken bones. He was unconsciousness, possibly due to the force of the box cover when it struck him.

The resulting fire was extinguished by the time emergency crews arrived. Rescue personnel worked to prepare a suitable landing zone for the medical helicopter needed to transport the injured man to the nearest medical center best equipped to treat his injuries. The fire chief was uncertain if the worker was servicing the electrical box at the time of the accident or if it blew as he happened to walk past it.

The cause of the explosion is unknown, though it is possible it was ignited when power was restored after repairs were made. Several agencies responded to the scene, and it is probable that this serious work accident will be carefully investigated. The victim may face an extended recovery and rehabilitation time. Those in Missouri who suffer a work-related injury or illness may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. In order to ensure that a qualifying claim is filed in a timely manner, many workers retain an experienced attorney to handle the claims process.

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