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January 2018 Archives

Construction worker victim of fatal fall while on the job

In spite of the change in seasons, there is no shortage of construction and improvements projects that need to be completed. Unfortunately, there is also the ever-present danger of a construction worker suffering a serious or even fatal accident. When these accidents occur, it is likely that Missouri officials will conduct a thorough review in order to prevent similar falls in the future.

Committee looks for ways to reduce workplace illness and injury

In 1987, government agencies worked together to issue a report on work\-related illnesses and injuries. In a follow-up session, several of those same entities recently published a report on ways that the serious issue of workplace illness and injuries could be more effectively tracked and addressed in an effort to reduce the overall costs to both workers and the health care system. There are countless Missouri workers who could benefit from safer workplaces.

OSHA decides to reduce fines and penalities against grain company

In 2011, a serious explosion took the lives of six workers at a grain storage facility. Recently, OSHA released a report that revealed that hefty fines and citations had been significantly reduced and modified. Bartlett Grain, which has facilities in Missouri, has stated its intentions to improve working conditions at all of its locations.

There are simple steps that can help boost workplace safety

The changing seasons can play a major role in the well-being of workers in a variety of occupations. In spite of the advent of winter weather conditions, there are proactive steps employers can take to promote workplace safety. Though Missouri is not known for excessively severe winters, taking extra precautions can help ensure a safe day on the job.

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