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Statistics show reduced risk of work-related illness

For a vast majority of Missouri residents, a job helps provide them with the lifestyle they desire. As a result, one’s occupation likely consumes considerable time and energy. Unfortunately, that same time commitment and energy investment can lead to a work-related illness or injury, especially if the work entails a high risk environment.

While it may be thought that only certain jobs carry a risk of injury or pose a threat of causing a serious or chronic illness, it may be possible to suffer either while performing almost any job function. However, according to a recent report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of workers who suffered an illness or injury related to their work has decreased over the past 13 years. The latest report concerned the percentage of employees injured in non-fatal accidents in 2016.

In 2003, it was reported that approximately 5 out of every 100 workers employed in the private sector suffered some type of non-fatal illness or injury as a result of their occupation. In 2015, the rate was down to 3 out of 100 workers. Last year, that figure had dropped slightly to 2.9 employees out of every 100 full time employees.

Over all, the agency reported that an estimated 48,500 fewer employees were victims of a work-related illness or injury compared to the data collected in 2015. The statistics concerning fatal incidents are due to be released in December. While the overall numbers concerning hurt or sickened workers are down, there are still countless Missouri employees who contract a serious or chronic illness or suffer an injury as a direct result of their occupation. These individuals may qualify for benefits through the workers’ compensation program. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in ensuring that valid claims are handled successfully and in a timely manner.

Source: triblive.com, “Workplace injuries, illnesses declined in 2016“, Nov. 9, 2017