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Fatal work accident at meat-packing plant

One man is dead and another is in critical condition. The work accident happened at a meat-packing plant in another state. Sadly, similar accidents occur on Missouri worksites every year.

According to a report, two men were working in a pit at the plant. For reasons that are as yet undetermined, the men became unresponsive while they were working on a sewer. When first responders arrived, one victim had already passed away. The other, his cousin, was in critical condition. An autopsy concluded that the death was due to asphyxia that was the result of drowning due to hydrogen sulfide gas toxicity.

Authorities who reviewed this unfortunate case, ruled that the incident was an accident. The family-owned company has been in operation since 1962 in Missouri, and it appears that the victims were related to the business owners. The business was closed on the day following this tragic occurrence.

When an incident such as this one occurs in Missouri, state-regulated workers’ compensation benefits are available in relation to on-the-job accidents for those who have suffered in a work accident. Injured workers are entitled to payment of medical expenses and a lost income package, which can help them recover economically from this type of incident. A deceased victim’s surviving family are typically entitled to reimbursement of medical and funeral expenses, along with a financial package to address the loss of the worker’s income. To determine the full amount fo economic assistance available, it can be helpful to seek the help of an experienced professional who is familiar with these types of cases.

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