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January 2017 Archives

Work accident kills worker when forklift falls on top of him

Workers in Missouri and other states in facilities in which forklifts are operated must be provided with the necessary safety training. After a recent fatal work accident involving a forklift, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said forklifts are the cause of approximately 85 fatalities per year across the country. The Industrial Truck Association says almost 856,000 forklifts are in operation nationwide.

Unsafe working environment in confined space can be deadly

Confined spaces pose severe and life-threatening hazards to workers nationwide, including in Missouri. A report about a recent workplace accident in another state underscored the dangers of allowing unprotected workers to enter an unsafe working environment of a confined space. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says it is investigating an incident involving an employer who already has a record of confined space violations.

Workplace safety: OSHA warns workers about grain crusting

The majority of deaths that occur in grain storage bins are caused by suffocation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says grain hazards in Missouri and elsewhere are similar to those posed by quicksand, and when grain overcomes a worker, he or she can suffer a sudden death. Compliance with prescribed workplace safety regulations can save lives.

Workplace safety: OSHA says surprise startups kill 120 every year

Employers in Missouri and other states are responsible for the health and safety of employees. Every year, thousands of workers suffer injuries, and over 120 lose their lives from injuries when equipment activates unexpectedly in environments where workplace safety is disregarded. Proper control of hazardous energy can prevent these injuries and deaths.

OSHA says most trench collapse fatalities preventable

Federal authorities expressed their concern about the number of preventable workplace accidents that occur every year. Particular attention is being paid to trench collapse accidents after the death of a young Missouri father in December. Authorities at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration say compliance with safety regulations can prevent these senseless deaths.

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