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Work accident: Truck falls from lift on repair shop worker

Missouri employees of vehicle repair shops have to face unique sets of dangers on a daily basis. A variety of life-threatening situations must be considered by employers, and known hazards must be addressed. Safety training must be provided to ensure that workers are aware of the potential dangers, and appropriate protection must be provided. Any work accident involving heavy trucks can have devastating consequences.

An employee of a repair shop in a neighboring state is in a hospital in an unknown condition after he suffered serious injuries on a recent Tuesday morning. A police report indicates that the man was working underneath a truck when the incident occurred. Reportedly, the vehicle was elevated on a lift above the worker when the truck fell off the lift.

Emergency services were called, and when rescue workers arrived, another worker had already managed to pull the injured driver from underneath the truck that had fallen on him. The victim was rushed to a hospital by air. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident.

While the type and severity of this man’s injuries are not known, any such work accident can cause life-altering injuries. Extended periods of medical treatment and rehabilitation may be required, leaving the injured worker with financial difficulties to face. To alleviate this burden, injured victims may file benefits claims with the Missouri workers’ compensation insurance system. This will provide coverage of medical expenses and will likely also include a level of wage replacement. In cases in which injuries cause temporary or permanent disabilities, additional benefits may be provided.

Source: Batavia, IL Patch, “Repair Shop Employee Airlifted to Hospital After Truck Falls Off Lift, Strikes Him“, Amie Schaenzer, Aug. 23, 2016