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OSHA investigation followed recycler’s death when hit by truck

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a non-profit business for various safety violations. This followed an investigation into the circumstances that led to the April death of a worker in the Missouri company’s recycling facility. The business provides recycling, mowing and janitorial services and tries to give employment for people with disabilities.

The man who lost his life was a 42-year-old man who was employed as a recycling sorter. He died shortly after he was hit by a truck. OSHA investigations follow all fatal workplace injuries or the loss of a limb. The violations that inspectors identified included fire hazards, tripping hazards, uncovered openings in the floor near machinery and more.

OSHA also determined that the company failed to recognize and address the danger posed by moving vehicles and pedestrians. The company was given the opportunity to address and rectify the hazardous areas at its facility within a prescribed time. Correcting all the problems may lead to a reduction of the proposed penalty.

While this investigation may lead to improved safety for the remaining employees of this Missouri company, the surviving family members of the deceased worker will have to cope with his untimely death. Along with unanticipated expenses, the consequences of such a tragedy include an abrupt loss of income generated by the deceased worker. Financial relief may be pursued through the workers’ compensation insurance system of the state. Along with funeral and burial costs, the daily living expenses of the dependents will be covered by the death benefits offered by the insurance program. This assistance will continue for a predetermined time.

Source: fultonsun.com, “OSHA, Kingdom Project to resolve citations“, Jenny Gray, July 17, 2016