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Crane accident causes death of Missouri construction worker

Missouri workers have a right to safe workplace environments, and it is the responsibility of company owners to ensure that their workers carry out their duties on work sites that are free of known hazards and dangers. However, not all safety regulations are complied with, and it is not uncommon for workplace accidents to happen. Moving heavy loads is essential in the construction industry and present many safety hazards. A 31-year-old Missouri man recently lost his life in a crane accident on a construction site in a neighboring state.

Authorities reported that the worker was on the ground while working on the boom of a crane. Somehow the boom dropped, crushing the worker underneath. The ongoing investigation will determine what caused the lowering of the boom. It was unknown at the time of the media report whether another worker had inadvertently lowered the boom.

The accident happened at about 11 a.m., and the coroner confirmed the worker’s death at about midday. An investigation by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is underway. The investigation will reveal whether the worker’s death was the result of safety violations. When working with mechanical lifting devices, there are multiple safety issues to consider. Regulations exist for both the operators of such equipment and any workers in the vicinity.

The family of the Missouri worker who lost his life in this tragic crane accident might be facing many challenges, especially if the worker was the primary breadwinner. In order to obtain some level of financial aid, they may pursue death benefits as offered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund to surviving family members of eligible workers. In addition to compensation for end-of-life expenses, the surviving spouse, and any other dependents, may receive some financial compensation based on the deceased worker’s last wage level.

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